NAEA 2014

Here are two versions of the powerpoint presented by Community High School’s team at the Atlanta meeting of the National Alternative Education Association held in March, 2o14.  The NAEA provided a great opportunity to hear about a variety of successful tactics in helping students succeed.

Version 1 is in Powerpoint format, but for the sake of file size the videos have been replaced with photos.  If you would like to see the original videos, please contact one of us listed below.

Version 2 is in PDF format.

NAEA conference logo

In addition, the presenters shared some sample outcomes and rubrics from English I and Horticulture I and II at Community High School


English I and II Outcome Rubrics

For more information, please contact one of the presenters:

Clifford Owens, Principal, Community High School
Erica Battle, Instructional Coach, Community High School
Lewis Foote, CTE Instructor, Community High School
Peggy Baker, School Improvement Specialist, EASL Institute