Resources for Outcomes-based Assessment

In considering the best practices for implementing outcomes based assessment, teachers will want to look at content specific examples as well as general guidelines for writing good outcomes and assessing student learning.

Outcomes:  What makes a good outcome?  You can look at a quick summary of the qualities we’ve found are important in defining learning targets or outcomes.

Planning guides:  Learning targets or outcomes need to be incorporated into classroom planning using a variety of techniques.

Here is a flow chart showing one school’s process for converting proficiency on outcomes into a final letter grade for the report card

Wiliam and Black’s foundational article: Inside the Black Box

Margaret Heritage on using formative assessment to support classroom teaching and learning, as opposed to a way to evaluate schools and teachers: Formative Assessment: What Do Teachers Need to Know and Do?

Black, et al: Working Inside the Black Box, Assessment for Learning in the Classroom is a follow up to Inside the Black Box, with school-based research that teachers used to support their efforts to introduce formative assessment in their classrooms

Black, Harrison, et al Research for Teachers: Assessment for Learning: Putting it into practice is further classroom-based research/experience on formative assessment in the classroom.

Camille Farrington’s and Margaret Small’s paper published by the American Youth Policy Forum, A New Model of Student Assessment for the 21st Century

PDF showing an example of conversion from outcomes proficiency to letter grades

Summary of the classroom implementation of outcomes-based assessment: What Can Outcomes Do for You?